Indian Handmade Collection In Italy "by Women for Women" 

Thanks for showing your interest in our products, It not only inspire us but also motivate our women artisans in India. 

By purchasing/Liking our handmade products, during this pandemic time, you are giving an opportunity and hope to Indian women who have come out with their talent and creativity to give financial support to the family.

Our Mission is to give an opportunity to the women from different states of India to show their talent and help their family.
We are working with Women artisans from West Bengal (Kolkotta) for handmade bags and Kalamkari art on Kantha stitched Scarfs. 
We are also working in Jammu & Kashmir for Handmade Woollen Kashmiri Scarfs, Jackets etc. 
KalamKari means
Kalamkari is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile produced in Isfahan, Iran, and in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Only natural dyes are used in Kalamkari, which involves twenty-three steps.
Deriving its name from the word ‘kalam,’ which means pen, ‘Kalamkari’ refers to a particular, intricate style of hand-painting onto cloth and is noted for its beautiful earthy tones.

Kantha Embroidery
Kantha, one of the oldest forms of embroidery from India and a craft practiced today by millions of South Asian women, originated from the most humble of beginnings. Born in the rural villages of Bengal.
Kantha" refers to both the style of running stitch, as well as the finished cloth.

Kashmiri Embroidery
Kashmiri embroidery which is also called as the Kashida embroidery is a unique form of art, staying true to the beauty of paradise state. The exquisite needlework and thread work that involves a single long stitch to make the design is indeed one of the most distinguished and beautiful forms of embroidery.

Phulkari Embroidery
Phulkari (Punjabi: ਫੁਲਕਾਰੀ) refers to the folk embroidery of the Punjab. Although Phulkari means floral work, the designs include not only flowers but also cover motifs and geometrical shapes. The main characteristics of Phulkari embroidery are use of darn stitch on the wrong side of coarse cotton cloth with coloured silken thread. Punjabi women create innumerable alluring and interesting designs and patterns by their skilful manipulation of the darn stitch.

Kanni Weave (Kashmir)
Weaving a Kanni shawl is the work of a patient and highly skilled artisan who needs immense concentration for even producing one inch of woven Kanni shawl. ... The shawl is oblong in shape and it generally takes anywhere between 1-2 years to complete a single shawl by two weavers.

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